Refreshments & Janitorial Supplies

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Box of 2 ply family tissues - 200 - white
R25.30  Inc Tax
Pack of 2 ply family tissues - white
R17.25  Inc Tax
48's - virgin paper
R161.00  Inc Tax
24's - virgin paper
R104.65  Inc Tax
48's - virgin paper
R198.95  Inc Tax
Xtreem Clean Signature Range Air Fryer Cleaner is a specialized cleaning product that is designed to clean air fryers. Xtreem Clean Air Fryer cleaner is formulated to remove tough grease, oil and other food residues from the interior of the air fryer
R71.30  Inc Tax
XTREEM Bleach 5L - XTREEM BLEACH is a concentrated liquid chlorine bleach based on Sodium hypochlorite - Concentrated - Deodorized - Disinfectant - Areas of Use: Canteen, Industrial Kitchens, Toilets, and Hotels - pH: 12 - 13 - Smell: Chlorine Dilution Ratio: General Cleaning - Use 10ml per 1 Litre Water.
R89.70  Inc Tax
XTREEM All-Purpose Cleaner 5L - XTREEM All-Purpose Cleaner is an abrasive cleaner used on stainless steel & ceramic materials - Non – Scratch - Safe to use on all hard surfaces - Biodegradable - pH: 8.00 - 9.00 - Smell: Ammonia
R90.85  Inc Tax
This pleasantly fragranced hand wash will leave your hands feeling clean, soft and supple. Cherry Scented.
R111.55  Inc Tax
This Luxury Lightly fragranced Hand Wash will leave your hands feeling clean and soft.
R132.25  Inc Tax
Quality detergent for your automatic dishwasher. Cuts right through grease and dirt, leaving your dishes sparkling clean!
R74.75  Inc Tax
A clear liquid hand and surface sanitizer in a 500 ml spray bottle. Leaves hands feeling refreshed and germ free. Contains 70% alcohol.
R80.50  Inc Tax
Xtreem Pink cleaner is an all-purpose, water-based cleaner/degreaser that contains surface reducing agents & alkali builders that effectively remove grease, oils, dust and other soils from hard surfaces.
R115.00  Inc Tax
This powerful grease cutting formula will ensure your dishes are sparkling clean with a fresh lemon fragrance.
R111.55  Inc Tax
Xtreem Clean Signature Range Solar Panel Cleaner is specially designed to clean Solar Panels without damaging them. Dissolves and removes dirt and debris from the surface of the Solar Panels. Using Xtreem Clean Solar Panel Cleaner to clean solar panels can help to maintain their efficiency and extend their lifespan. Xtreem Clean Solar Panel Cleaner is pH Neutral
R111.55  Inc Tax
Potpourri Scented. Powerful sanitizer detergent/thick bleach. Suitable for toilets, change rooms, bathrooms and urinals.
R152.95  Inc Tax
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