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Plastic Abacus - 120 beads - flat board
8 Digit, Large Display, Battery Operated Basic Calculator
This 8-Digit Pocket Calculator is perfect for keeping handy at home, school or work so you're ready to complete quick equations. It has an easy to read 8 digit display and runs on both solar and battery power. It includes basic functions including percentage, square root and memory function.
Sharp basic 8 digit calculator EL-231L
Entry level 8 digit desktop calculator. Profit margin % key, Memory Plus M+, Memory Minus M-, Square Root key, Two way power
Specifications: 14 digit LCD screen. 2 key rollover. Twin power (solar cell & battery LR44 x 1). Large screen display + Auto Power off. Kick stand which makes key-in and display viewing more comfortable. Compact desk top style. Dimensions 110(W)x168(D)x15(H) mm.
Features: - 12 Digit - Tax calculation - Time calculation - Two-way power (Solar & Battery) - Function Command signs - Key rollover - Extra Large display - Profit margin percent
Popular Scientific Calculator. Developed in collaboration with South African Educators for the SA Syllabus. Includes These Important Functions • Previous answer key for recursive functions • 9 memories • Statistics – data handling and regression analysis • Random integers for statistics • Prime factorisation • Time conversion calculations • Co-ordinate transformation – enhanced by dual table function • Selectable auto power off (10 min / 60 min). Available in Black, Blue & Pink.
Casio FX-991 ZA Plus Scientific Calculator. Developed in collaboration with SA educators for the South African Curriculum Natural Textbook Display. Features: - 433 Functions - Non-Programmable - Q1, Med, Q3 calculations in statistics - Dual table mode - f(x) & g(x) - Min / Max in EQN MODE - No Solution / infinite solutions in EQN MODE - Previous answer key - n-th Power of a complex number - Distribution calculation mode - Prime factorisation - Auto power off - 10min / 60min
Sharp EL-W535HT - 340 scientific and statistical functions. WriteView displays expressions as they are written. Recommended high school model. Designed for SA CAPS curriculum. Math Drill Mode to practice mental maths. Advanced Direct Algebraic Logic for easy equation and answer checking. Constant, chain and N-BASE calculations. Table Mode. Prime Factorisation button.
12 Digit, battery powered. Up to 272 functions and 9 memories. Advanced Direct Algebraic Logic (DAL) for easy equation and answer checking. Functions include multi-line playback, constant and chain calculation.
36 hole circle template
Maped Compass - 4 Piece Giant Bow Set - with extension bar - Diameter 500mm
170mm Precision masterbow compass and divider in a plastic case. Includes a spare lead.
7 piece compass set containing: compass, divider, eraser, clutch pencil, sharpener, spare lead for compass and pencil. Comes in a plastic case.
Automatic spindle movement - patented locking mechanism - plastic covers with a structured surface - interchangeable lead and needle inserts on both legs - 170mm length allows for drawing circles up to 360mm In diameter.
170mm Precision masterbow compass and extension bar in a plastic case. Includes a spare lead.
170mm Precision quick set bow compass. Includes a spare lead. Comes complete in a hard case.
Marlin Springbow Compass set (Springbow compass, eraser, sharpener & leads)
6 spare leads per tube.
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